Video mouse, controller unit, expert software

The video mouse equipment represents a new era in the field of document verification. Due to their unique design – they are very similar to the computer mouse – they can be easily handled, and they have the most diverse light sources and filters. The enlarged, rich in details image material is put on computer through the controller unit. Data are processed on the computer by the expert software ‘Video Scope’. The whole system (mouse, controller, software) represents an ideal instrument for document security experts from the beginning of verification to the preparation of find report.

They substitute the light microscope
Additional units to the expert equipment are their elongated microscopic eyes. Verifications by light microscope can be replaced/are redeemable by their use.

The reconstruction instrument for latent scripts and stamp impressions/prints
Changes made in the filling out of document texts (falsifications in the content) can be definitely demonstrated/shown by the special video mice providing the main high-intensity generating modes and covering the optical range (UV, VIS and IR). In addition, they are able to reconstruct texts and stamp impressions which were hidden during document “wash-aways” made for the purpose of falsifications as well.

The detector of anti-Stokes (aS) materials
The video mouse with aS function is able to verify documents equipped with aS protection, which can be either in the ink or in basic materials (paper, plastic).

Infra-optical analytical instruments
These are able to see everything from the point from which our eyes can no longer see anything. These are the controllers of script images of the filling out.

They can be operated in autonomic operation mode as well
These can be used without computer by the application of VSMC-controller as well. Images can be visualized on a TV set.