Document Production and Personalisation

Document systems faced new challenges in the twenty-first century. This increasing mobility requires the development of personal identification technology. Therefore, – besides the protection and personalisation of basic documents – the application of innovative security technologies has, and will become a necessity. In addition to the production of documents and security forms, ANY Security Printing Company PLC is able to develop complex protection concepts as well. Moreover, the Corporation is ready to install decentralized document personalisation systems from delivery of the necessary, in-house developed security inks and nano-inks as well as the equipment required for document verification, as well as IT solutions will be delivered. These systems are suitable for the secure production of driving licenses, entrepreneurs’ licenses, resident cards and administrative registration certificate in office environments.

shutterstock_62621254Due to its experience in the field of security forms over the past 150 years, ANY Security Printing Company PLC undertook an active role in the successful document reform after the regime change in Hungary. However, technologies and international requirements anticipate the necessity of alteration of the security concepts. Focusing on the social requirements and cooperation between states, the Corporation has document solutions which meet the valid standards and are capable of the interoperable operation. Based on international standards, the so-called E-ID cards developed by ANY Security Printing Company PLC allow electronic identification, verification and signature, while these documents can perfectly conforming perfectly to the individual public administration and data protection systems of the given state.

The chip technology used in national passports and other fields opens up the possibility of incorporating state-of-the-art biometric identifiers into the identification system. In this way, documents are developing mainly and perceptibly in the direction of e-documents. Similarly to its leading role played in the field of card-based documents and laser engraving technology after the change in regime, ANY Security Printing Company PLC is the leader in the e-documents field in the 3rd millennium as well. Due to recent developments in its Document Security Laboratory, the Corporation offers state-of-the-art solutions regarding both electronic personal identification and biometry-based technology.


The Corporation’s capabilities in the field of security technology and plastic card technology are demonstrated by references such as the personal ID card; driving license; vehicle registration card issued under the auspices of Hungarian document reform and manufactured in consortium. Also, the production and IT preparation of several transport cards, and the Hungarian biometric passport meeting EU requirements constitute ANY Security Printing Company PLC’s impressive references.