Solutions for originality and quality protection

The movement of goods crossing the borders of countries as well as the extension of logistic procedures create new situations for institutions serving consumers and their protection. The insecurity of goods has increased simultaneously with the change in commercial procedures. Security of the type of goods, the misuse of which could be harmful to the human health (e.g. food products, medicines) are considered to be of high priority by the consumers. 

The joint research of ANY Security Printing Company PLC and the Institute for Economic Researches (GKI) demonstrate that Hungarian people consider food abuse to be an extremely important problem. The growing number of scandals in the past years; relabeling, stale foods and deaths in foreign countries highlighted the importance of originality and quality protection of food products. Due to the most diverse falsification technologies, nowadays, the traditional methods of marking the goods may not prove to be enough in many cases to consider the information on a product authentic. Whether it is a food or a medicine, goods and data on them have to be protected by special security elements, so that the customers can make decisions with certainty. For that very reason, both Hungary and the European Union put great emphasis on the guarantee of the origin of products, the authenticity of data on them and the guarantee of traceability of the product. ANY Security Printing Company PLC has adapted its experiences in the field of document security and its 10-year routine in development to those industries, where tracing and unambiguous identification of the products will directly meet the consumer demand for security and comfort.


Solutions of ANY Security Printing Company PLC for originality and quality protection applicable in the field of food security:

security label for product marking: Due to the solution involving double protection mechanism developed by ANY Security Printing Company PLC, it makes difficult to change and copy the content of the barcode labels. The self-developed security additives, solvent-sensitive ink and the unique handheld controlling equipment provide high level protection.

RFID element with temperature sensor: The security elements based on RFID technology with their temperature sensor can measure and log changes in the temperature, in addition to the product identification. Storing and handling conditions of the given food can be traced by them from the manufacturer to the freezer in the shop. Thus, anomalies in the logistics chain can be filtered out.