Public Utility Companies

The utility services, used in our everyday life have become essential. Water, gas or electricity consumptions of the buildings generate a huge data volume day by day. Fast processing of this volume of data, accurate invoicing and forwarding it to the consumers represent significant tasks for the various service providers.

Due to its special infrastructure and many years’ experience, ANY Security Printing Company PLC offers its clients complex services which comprise the handling, processing, storage and comprehensive management of the correspondence with the clients, from customised personalisation of the invoices to mailing. The personalisation capacity of the Corporation is capable of enveloping 3 million A/4 pages or 700,000 letters daily. The security of this complex service, including the security of data turnover, is guaranteed to the clients by the network and infrastructure developed for these purposes.

Our solutions offered to the public utility companies include the whole data turnover, invoicing procedure and archiving upon demand: