Our everyday life is unimaginable without the use of different public transport vehicles. However, the public transport systems and vehicles face serious challenges either concerning the individual or public transport. Falsification of ticket systems, lack of communication and compatability between systems or the black market of spare-parts for vehicles represent problems to be solved for companies and service providers acting in the field of transport.

Using its ten-year experience in the production of security products, the products and services of ANY Security Printing Company PLC offered to transport companies and persons involved in transport, represent the guarantee to increase the security and comfort of the transport. From the transport card and thermal paper-based solutions to the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) systems, we are developing solutions for service providers involved in public transport, while our individual vehicle marking system increase the security level of vehicles to a great extent.

  • The self-developed security solutions – security additives, special pigments and inks – contribute considerably to the increase of the security level of different cards, tickets or spare-parts.
  • The use of standard and individual control devices helps both in filtering out possible falsifications and in fraud detection.
  • Chip cards guarantee higher security on the one hand and are suitable for the storing of great data volume on the other.
  • The complex vehicle marking system is an excellent solution for the protection of some spare parts and the restriction of illegal trade in them.
  • The services of high-volume business correspondence can rationalize the tasks related to billing and sending of information.