A full range of document security solutions

laborThe Company is one of the biggest document printing and personalising companies in Hungary. In the Document Security Laboratory, which was established in 1999, our experts work on developments of the most advanced document security products and solutions that are applied to different security and personal documents, and product identification products. ANY supplies special ink cartridges and toners for ink-jet and laser printers with security elements that have been developed in-house. Paper based documents, like motor vehicle registration forms, birth certificates and numerous magisterial documents are filled-in at Hungarian document offices using the inks mentioned above. Document security developments are applied to other products as well. The quality control of Hungarian excise goods is ensured by a high level of excise and tax stamps that have been produced by the consortium led by the Company for more than 16 years. Vehicles in Hungary are identified with the help of sets of validity stickers placed on the number plate and the registration certificate supplied by our Company. ANY Security Printing Company PLC has unparalleled references in the field of production for the most diverse vouchers that have been supplied to 7 countries for several years. Mobile document inspection devices – developed by the Company – can be applied efficiently in quality assurance and lifecycle-tracking of documents, products and labels.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has produced millions of documents, document cards and other identification products over the last years:

• Security of document cards – from the personal identification card to the driving license – is a necessity in our everyday life;

• It is possible to produce residence cards, driving licenses, entrepreneurs’ licenses, registration certificates in offices using decentralised personalisation systems;

bank cards with chip offer much more security than their predecessors;

• Use of identification cards ensures the basic element for security in terms of an office building, as well as protected objects;

• We offer complex solution for the designing, launching and operation of customer loyalty systems;

• We have a wide range of references in the field of access cards produced for hotel chains and wellness service providers.


Our Corporation offers several products and services in the field of product identification and traceability:

tax stamps have significant roles in the restriction of the black economy;

registration number validity stickers, or vehicle registration card are absolutely necessary for the secure identification of vehicles;

originality and quality protective solutions considerably contribute to the prevention of relabeling and forgeries;

• RFID solutions can be effectively used to guarantee the quality of goods and traceability of their life-span;

• customized development of security solutions – security additives, special pigments and inks – significantly contribute to the increased security level of labels and other product markers;

• the system is completed by the use of unique controlling devices;

secondary vehicle identification by security ink and RFID chip