Hungarian NFC-based mobile wallet test pilot

A Hungarian Mobile Wallet test project was launched through a unique multilateral project with the coordination of the Hungarian Mobile Wallet Association that involves all three Hungarian mobile network operators (Hungarian Telekom, Vodafone Hungary, Telenor Hungary), OTP Bank, which is one of the largest financial service providers in Hungary, payments and technology company MasterCard and the SuperShop loyalty programme. The parties launched the public pilot involving nearly two thousand candidates in order to provide the best possible user experience. The aim of this test is to improve the service based on information collected during the test period. During the six-month period, users can try the contactless payment experience and the collection and redemption of loyalty points.

During the test period data are handled securely by the system of ANY Security Printing Company PLC as a Trusted Service Manager (TSM), warranting safe communication between mobile network operators and other service providers whilst due to its certified MasterCard Mobile Provisioning TSM service candidates participating in the pilot can use their PayPass cards issued by the largest domestic bank, OTP Bank.