Patient identification wrist band

ANY Security Printing Company PLC offers a comprehensive solution to hospitals for the secure patient identification.

The new patient identification system operates using a bar-coded armband attached to the wrist of the patient. The band is made of a special, water resistant paper and can be removed only by cutting. The “customized” barcode can be printed onto the wrist band when the patient is admitted to the hospital and the code is simultaneously entered into the central patient registry, as well. The barcode can be read from the patient’s armband during each individual examination (X-ray, CT, blood test, etc.) using a barcode reader. A simple label printer connected to the computerized support system then prints the unique barcode complete with data from the system onto a self-adhesive label, which then may be stuck on the medical examination findings/reports.

The bar-coded armband ensures accurate data entry during the treatment. Some personal data from the case-sheet and medical test results is coded on the armband and the examination reports need contain no more than the sticker with the barcode next to the patient’s name and to be printed out together with it. The identification system does not mean the installation of a completely new system but only requires the expansion of the currently used unique identification system of the hospital.

The armbands produced by ANY Security Printing House Plc using a special material may be ordered either blank, as a continuous roll, thus the patient’s barcode or any other necessary information can be printed on them when the patient is admitted to the hospital, using a matrix printer or, upon request, we can supply armbands printed in 4 colors, equipped with barcodes and pre-cut as well.

Patient identification wrist band equipped with bar code