Comfort and security have to be the major characteristic features of a modern hotel, which require high level security solutions and a system cooperating with them to guarantee the use of different services.

hotelANY Security Printing Company PLC offers the players in the hotel industry complex solutions in accordance with the international and national standards. Contactless cards – specifically solutions based on ISO 14443 Type A and B – provide user-friendly applications, long life spans and render further services possible such as their application as electronic wallets. This guarantees fast and comfortable recording of the services used.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has the full range of references in the field of access cards produced for hotel chains and wellness service providers. Besides the production, the Corporation offers comprehensive personalisation service (printing, personalisation and chip encryption) as well.

Advantages of Contactless Cards

In addition to user-friendly application, the advantage of this technology is its long life span. The microchip is laminated into the middle layer of the card to protect it from external impacts. In addition, the card can be made suitable for use as an electronic wallet – besides the access function. Due to the comfortable and fast payment of the services, contactless cards are extremely suitable for the recording and control of diverse services of wellness and adventure baths.

Special Design

According to the various end-use methods, contactless identifiers are available in different special designs such as waterproof wristwatch, armband or key holder.