Documents of value

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has been producing the widest range of securities, security printed products, shares and stamps for more than 150 years. The production, safekeeping and handling of securities require full confidence and significant financial responsibility. Our reliability is demonstrated among others by products such as various types of tax stamps which have been produced since 1996, the deposit collecting securities of several commercial banks and entry tickets as well as vouchers and plastic cards equipped with security elements. The technological process incorporates the strictest accounting and the production is offered within a highly secure system.

We are at our customers’ disposal with a full range of services including

  • stamps,
  • shares,
  • securities,
  • tickets and entry passes,
  • identification documents,
  • gift lottery tickets,
  • vouchers.

These products can be printed from just a few copies to series of hundreds of thousands of them. We offer design, licensing, printing as well as responsible safekeeping and handling, secure delivery or even destruction in accordance with legal regulations.

Luncheon Vouchers

Nowadays, cafeteria systems are the most popular form of supporting the employees. This payment form is spread over many fields both in Europe and in Hungary. The various luncheon vouchers are the most popular.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has unique reference in the field of production of the most different vouchers. The Corporation is able to produce vouchers meeting all demands – either on hologram paper or in perforated block forms – and to complete them with security elements or online stock tracking system according to the customized requirements. Sodexo which is one of the largest voucher distributors all over the world is among our partners.

Tickets, Season Tickets

Public transport is one of the most important services provided by a modern city. Calculable income, appropriate ticket and season ticket structures are needed for its sustainability and development, which can cooperate with the agglomeration upon need.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has comprehensive experience regarding the production of transport tickets and season tickets. It can meet all the demands occurring in the field of printed tickets protected by different security elements, thermal paper-based tickets and chip card ticket systems as well as ticket systems operated with NFC technology applying radiofrequency. In accordance with its experience in card production and IT background, ANY Security Printing Company PLC can make its ticket systems compatible with mobile communication devices as well.

A wide selection of ticketing types offered:

  • paper and thermal paper based tickets
  • contactless ticketing system
  • ticketing system accessed via mobile phone