Security materials

Printing inks

festékekWe offer a wide range of inks having UV, IR and
custom additives. Amongst these you can find inks flourescenting at mono-, bi-,
tri- and quadrofluroescent colors colors, special IR absorbent and IR
transparent inks as well as anti-Stokes inks. We undertake the development of
further ink-specialities by custom requests.




Devices of personalisation

belyegzouvThe security ink-jet, laserprinter toner and
stamping pad inks provide efficient protection for the personalised documents’
data, developed by our experts working at the Document Security Laboratory.




Additives for paper

PEHELY84Our Company offers coloured and colourless,
fluorescent and non-fluorescent fibres of varying length on polyamide and
viscose bases, as well as dots fluorescenting at different colors. There are
mono-, bifluorescent, IR fibres, and monofluorescent and anti-Stokes dots in
ANY Security Printing Company’s product offering.