State administration

kormanyzatThe establishment of people’s security and the maintenance of confidence in the fair operation of the state require a number of measures to be taken by the state administration. Guaranteeing of document security, prevention of falsifications and protection of public services represent the areas which require special knowledge and professional skills.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC supplies solutions for the national state administrative organizations from Israel through Ireland and Albania to Hungary. The Corporation’s products and services cover such areas as the personal identification, restriction of the black economy or the elections.

Among other things, the Corporation participates in the development of the Israeli E-ID, produces most of the Hungarian documents, and personalizes all of these, delivers tax stamps in terms of the fight against the black economy, and the Corporation’s references related to election forms cover Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Hungary.

Besides the continuous increase of the security level, cost efficiency represents a key aspect as well. Among other things, the Corporation developed its centralized and decentralized document personalization systems, focusing on these requirements. The latter means an ideal solution for the documents and security documents to be produced by the document offices, as the in-house developed security inks and nano-technology inks of the Corporation can be applied on traditional office conditions, using traditional office devices. The document offices use this technology in the case of issuing driving licenses, enterpreneurs’ certificates, residence cards or registration certificates. The document systems are often completed by special, document verification devices developed in-house.