Direct Mail

ANY Security Printing Company PLC personalises nearly 2 thousand million products annually, while continuously thinking of such unique solutions and simultaneously keeping up with the developing industrial requirements as well. It supports the more intensive use of direct mail through non-conventional administrative forms with unusual appearances that can be personalised as well.

Within the scope of direct marketing, ANY PLC you can find many special forms, which may be needed in case of response-based mailing. The Company aims to develop the forms suitable either for bulk personalisation or quick mailing preparation with the help of automated enveloping.


Ideas for Direct Mail Campaigns:

  • Complex graphic designs, brochure-quality images
  • Name, address, identification code (barcode) can be printed onto the publication as variable information
  • Various perforations can be made in the desired place and format to allow for response cards and special order forms
  • The letter itself can be made either in a continuously folded form or printed on a sheet, with multi-page self-duplicating insert or stuck-on edges
  • Detachable stickers
  • Equipped with scratch surface or even removable from the surface of the paper
  • Verification and certification coupons, vouchers and various plastic cards
  • Enveloped lottery tickets, vouchers can also be inserted into the mailing


The personalised printed matter and letters are composed and mailed in various formats using high-speed enveloping equipment.

Plastic cards

The database generated in the course of using the cards can clearly show who is interested in which kind of product or service and to what extent. Therefore, the customers may be contacted with the most accurately customized offers in the future.

In Hungary – like almost every other part of the world – cards and the related database service systems can be developed into tools for direct marketing which may change the already established “classic” direct marketing solutions.

These all require extremely up-to-date IT equipment and know-how. But it is neither necessary, nor worthwhile for the enterprises to develop all of these by themselves. ANY Security Printing Company PLC follows IT developments on an ongoing basis and offers solutions as well.