Mobile development – TSM service

Trusted Service Management (TSM)

Our Secure Remote Scripting (SRS) system is considered to be the most significant element of our Mobile Developments portfolio. As far as our system is concerned, TSM system services are mainly information technological services related to soft-card provisioning and personalisation.

With the help of our TSM system, we have free possibilities to issue any type of soft-cards on various mobile platforms. The system is responsible for the accuracy, security and optimal realisation of the so-called issuing, including data preparation; pre-perso; personalisation and life cycle management. This is produced in a way that it could operate on any type of mobile device with an arbitrary form factor of Secure Element that is compatible with Global Platform standards. It can also function on any kind of GSM service provider network. The system not only supports the issuance of cards, such as EMV cards (MasterCard PayPass, VISA Paywave), but is also capable of provisioning cards containing magnetic stripe data and optional Mifare or DESFire based cards as well. For example: the access control card; coupon; loyalty card; voucher and electronic public transport ticket.

Mobile Wallet




Supported Secure Element (SE) formats:

  • UICC SIM card
  • NFC MicroSD card
  • SE embedded into the mobile phone
  • SE embedded into an external accessory (e.g. NFC mobile phone sleeve)

Supported mobile platforms:

  • Android
  • iOS


2011 – MNO, NFC Pilot, TSM service – SE application development – mWallet development

2012 – Telenor Hungary, NFC Pilot, TSM service – SE application development – mWallet development

2013 – Mobile Wallet pilot