High-volume correspondence

nagytomegu_levelezesA number of large enterprises and service-providing companies have a large amount of contacts with a lot of customers. They wish to minimise their tasks regularly arising from the sending of information and/or invoices. It is rather difficult to prepare more than thousands (or tens of thousands) of invoices monthly. Forms and related orders for cash transfers are to be filled in manually and to be sent within a very short period, especially when the issuer does not want prepare for it technically in the long term, solely due to the reason of significant investment demands. ANY Security Printing Company PLC provides a full range of correspondence services – from printing to colour personalisation, and enveloping to mailing – to administrative institutions, local governments, banks, insurance companies and public utilities service provider companies. It does all this while observing data protection rules to the greatest degree. The corporation is ready not only for the daily personalisation but also for the handling of undeliverable letters occurring every day. Information on the returned letters needed for the identification is sent by ANY PLC electronically as well, in the required form – without opening the letters – after having processed them electronically. The continuous technological developments allow for the corporation to ensure the complete execution of colour-printed and personalised account balances; notices and direct mails under favourable conditions and with great flexibility.

Secure data capture and procedure follow-up

Capture of the data waiting for personalization and including confidential information may be carried out safely, electronically. The processing procedure includes the saving, recording and preparation for personalization of the files sent by the Customer in a confidential e-mail. The complete personalization procedure can be traced from the arrival of data bases transmitted to the printing company. Upon request, we generate PDF files from the electronic form of the letters sent out, which can be easily reviewed by means of an electronic file tracing system after having sent out the letters. We provide a definite e-mail address for the data capture and the mail server is under our own control which guarantees that the letter containing sensitive data will appear nowhere else. The use of 2048 or 4096-bit PGP key applied for encryption represents a high level of security.

Mass personalisation, enveloping within an extremely short time

The digital plant of ANY Security Printing Company PLC performs a full-scale Transactional Mail activity, while observing strict security requirements and data protection rules. As a result of careful planning and development over the years the machine store of the digital printing plant has increased continuously and dynamically, increasing reliable reserve capacities dramatically.

Personalisation capacity of nearly 3 million A/4 pages per day

At present, the actual personalisation capacity of our digital high-power printing machines (NIPSON, OCÉ) achieves 3 million A/4 pages per day. Digital printing machines of various technologies meet almost all special criteria, guaranteeing great flexibility. The system is suitable for leporello or sheet-fed printing, and recto-verso personalisation, as well as for spot colour printing. At the selection of digital machines, it is important that the low or high fixing temperatures of different printing technologies are enabled to produce special holograms – mainly security printing forms – and capillary structured, sensitive chemical papers and self-copy sets as well.

Machine store adequate to nearly 700 thousand mails in a day

The enveloping of personalised products, marked with OMR signs by IT methods, is performed by high-capacity KERN enveloping machines. The enveloping machines are able to envelope up to two personalised prints and two non-personalised supplements. The personalised forms can be folded vertically and three times horizontally as well, and the sheets personalised in sheet feeding (or printed in leporello and then cut into sheets) can be folded horizontally four times. The further two supplements are envelope-sized.

Management of undelivered letters

The machine store and self-developed software of ANY Security Printing Company PLC enable it to process the returned, undelivered mail without opening the letters according to the following data:

  • Address contents;
  • Content of the mail;
  • Reason for the failure of delivery.

The prepared data base is provided by us electronically to our Customers.

Screening of incorrect addresses

Mails addressed incorrectly can be filtered out from the data base given by the Customer; this may result in significant savings for the Customer.

Optional service – on-line procedure follow-up upon individual requests

We undertake to develop individual services on the internet page operated by our corporation. The main purpose of establishing individual requests is that it can make the maintaining of commercial relations easy. This accelerates the process with important partners in a way that every piece of information needed for the enquiry or order can be available within 24 hours, and in certain cases, the printing company can supply its customers with definite delivery information by connecting them to its own internal system.

Electronic services

Nowadays – besides the different paper-based services – electronic services have appeared in response to the increasing cost sensitivity of companies. Upon developing market needs, ANY Security Printing Company PLC has stepped into the market of new electronic services as well. These e-services include electronic accounts, authentic electronic document services – electronic time-stamps and electronic signatures – and certified electronic archiving.