Health insurance cards

Many problems occurring in the field of the health system can originate from the low security level of identification system. Reconsideration of the identification systems used in the health system as well as application of a standardised European health insurance card equipped with chip to meet the requirements of our time have become necessary for today; the European Union decided to introduce the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in 2002. 

egeszsegugyi_kartyaThe health insurance card offered by ANY Security Printing Company PLC is suitable for establishing online connections between the different players of the health system (patient, service providers and insurance companies). This card meets the security requirements of our time and the related standards; it can be used by all EU citizens and ensures the compatibility with the systems of member countries. It facilitates the accounting of health system transactions for the social security system and the accurate clinical history of each patient is available for those who are concerned, filtering out unnecessary examinations. All these features highly improve the security and quality of the medical field.