Document security verification devices and systems

TrueFace – Verifying picture originality

The picture protection solution based on special scientific formulae does not only offer high security for document producers but it also fights against different photo fraud processes. 


Verification process through IR fluorescence for high security documents. The system combines the simple verification of second level security elements (fluorescent offset inks) with the high security of third (laboratory) level devices. 

UV- barcode reading and printing system – invisible protection for printed data

The UV-barcode reading and printing system is the latest development of the document security experts at ANY Security Printing Company which provides the possibility to place hidden, UV reagent and other variables into security documents.

Portable control devices 

The verification possibilities of mobile devices are close to that of desktop computers. Therefore, they are of greater interest to a wider variety of consumers. 

HORUS family

The four types of Horus equipment produced with different functions may be fixed on a belt as well. Their most important features are the 10x optical magnification, UV lamps used for the control of mono-, bi- and tri-fluorescent inks and infrared laser LEDs needed for the control of anti-Stokes influence. 


RADIR is a battery-supplied handheld measuring instrument used for the detection of special marking material. The device measures and evaluates the light response of materials induced by infrared light. It is suitable to detect marking materials combined with different carriers, e.g.: paper, textile, plastic, solid or liquid ink, etc.

Combo verification of data content and security elements of excise and tax stamps

A reading equipment, called ANY880 Combo has been developed by the Company that verifies originality of the base print before identifying the barcode printed onto the tax stamp.