Protection against relabelling

Nowadays, more and more often, the misuse of food products or the falsification of other products can be heard of. Besides causing significant damage to the company producing the original product, they endanger seriously the customers. Due to this, the protection of genuineness and quality of the products became extremely important.

Due to the movement of goods crossing over countries, as well as the increase of logistic procedures, the consumers and the institutions focusing on their protection have to face a new situation. In most cases, the traditional product markings are not enough to consider the information written on the products as authentic. The ’product marking security label’ developed by ANY Security Printing Company PLC makes it difficult to change and copy the content of labels equipped with barcodes. The system is made more secure by the self-developed handheld verification equipment.

In order to guarantee more secure decision making for the conscious customer in the future, goods and data on them have to be protected by special security elements. Besides special labels, ANY Security Printing Company PLC, who is one of the most determined players in the fighting against falsifications, offers several solutions for the tracing and secure identification of products.

Security label for product marking