Mobile devices


As control potentials of mobile devices become compatible with desktop equipment, they can reckon on interest arising from the most varied user circles. The four types of HORUS equipment produced with different functions may be fixed on a belt as well. From among their characteristic features, we underline the 10X enlargement, UV lamps used for the control of mono-, bi- and tri-fluorescent inks and infrared diodes needed for the control of anti-Stokes influence.

Security elements of the different documents can be effectively controlled in lands as well with the help of HORUS hand-held devices, and counterfeits can be easily filtered out.



RADIR is a battery-supplied handheld measuring instrument used for the detection of special marking material. The device measures and evaluates the light response of materials induced by infrared light. It is suitable to detect marking materials combined with different carriers, e.g.: paper, textile, plastic, solid or liquid ink, etc. The device has a given sensitivity, therefore the perceptibility or the perception distance is influenced by the volume of the marking material. At the proper concentration, the device can reliably detect the presence of marking material through permeable materials (e.g.: glass, transparent plastic, etc.) as well.