Document security references

Centralised document production and personalisation

Our Company has produced more than a hundred million cards and millions of smart cards for the past years as well as one of the most modern Hungarian documents, the residence permit contactless smart card. Currently our Company personalises and mails 50 types of documents, providing full range of logistic services. ANY Security Printing Company and its consortium partner produce and personalise the domestic card-based identity documents like vehicle registration cards and driving licences. The temporary identity cards and vehicle registration certificates that are filled-in at document offices are also produced and supplied by our Company. The Hungarian passports are also personalised by ANY Security Company.

Excise and tax stamps

Excise and tax stamps, in accordance with their utilization area, represent a high security level among the security products manufactured by ANY Security Printing Company PLC. ANY Security Printing Company PLC has been delivering its products certifying payment of the excise duty and including special security solutions to the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary in consortium since 1996. This has resulted in the decreasing the number of forgery causing damage to the budget. Tax stamps with Data Matrix two dimensional barcodes that must be issued in Hungary from 1st May, 2012 are also produced by the consortium led by ANY.

Registration number validity sticker

ANY Security Printing Company PLC and its consortium partner have been delivering environmental inspection certificates, validity stickers for the vehicle’s environmental protection features and environmental inspection as well as car documents validity sticker sets to the Hungarian National Transport Authority for several years. The vehicle registration certificate validity sticker set consists of a number plate validity circle label and a vehicle registration certificate validity serial number stripe. The number plate validity sticker is applied in Hungary on vehicles’ number plates; is a unique, sandwich structured security sticker, which cannot be removed without irreversible destruction. The stripe – marking technical validity – is a sandwich-structured security label which is to be stuck onto a security document.

Vehicle marking system

The vehicle marking system is a security marking technology, which places specific individual marks on the vehicle using various elements and materials. These items can be only partly removed by corrosives or re-polishers. The system consists of a unique, copy-protected RFID chip, twelve almost impossible to forge graphic security identifiers, as well as a special UV reactive marking material placed under each graphic security identifier. This can be removed only by corrosives or re-polishers. Data can be synchronised either to national or international producers’ databases or other databases, using the in-house developed data-management software.

Documents of value, vouchers, tickets

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has been producing the widest range of securities, documents of value, shares and stamps for more than 150 years. The production, safekeeping and handling of securities require full confidence and significant financial responsibility. Our reliability is demonstrated among others by products such as various types of stamps which have been produced since 1996, the deposit collecting securities of several commercial banks and entry tickets as well as vouchers and plastic cards equipped with security elements. The technological process incorporates the strictest accounting and the production is offered within a closed system.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has unique references in the field of production and offers a unique variety of vouchers. The Corporation is able to produce vouchers meeting all demands – either on hologram paper or in perforated block forms – and to complete them with security elements or an online stock tracking system according to the customised requirements.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC has comprehensive experience in production of various transport tickets protected by different security elements, thermal-paper-based tickets and chip card ticket systems as well as ticket systems operated with NFC technology applying radiofrequency.

Solutions for originality and quality protection

Product marking security label

The product marking security label developed by ANY Security Printing Company PLC makes it difficult to change and copy the content of labels equipped with barcodes. The system is made more secure by the self-developed handheld verification equipment.

RFID solutions

In addition to its RFID solutions, ANY Security Printing Company PLC undertakes the personalisation and printing of a high volume of RFID labels even on the consumer’s premises use as well. The identifiers that are mostly used in logistics are intended for final use in the form of labels or plastic cards. Barcodes, brand protection features or graphics can be printed on them, or they can be used as guarantee certificates.