Customers’ loyalty card system

Besides increasing the clientele, solely keeping customers is becoming a more difficult task for a company. The establishment of a stable partnership with the customers even in the long term, the strengthening of brand loyalty and increasing of emotional bonds can be achieved by the deliberate strengthening of customer loyalty. 

ANY Security Printing Company PLC offers complex solution for the design, launching and operation of loyalty systems. This full-range service includes all the system elements from the printing of data-surveying sheets, through the electronic processing of customers’ data and the sorting of them into a central database, to card production and the sending out of loyalty cards by post. 

lojalitaskártyaThe further advantage of our loyalty system is that the partners can join directly and there are no extravagant development fees. We charge only for actual transactions and our partners can set and change their loyalty discounts on the web without any need for further developments. 

We are ready to ensure that the POS terminals needed for the operation of the system and transaction fees may include the price of terminals. Therefore the costs of launching a loyalty system can be reduced.

In addition, nowadays, loyalty systems offer several possibilities besides increasing sales revenues. Due to the radio frequency communication technology (NFC), the customer can identify himself/herself, and can get personalised additional information about individual items on special offer and products, or even can make up his/her own shopping basket via the product identifiers. These complex programs decrease labour costs and offer the clients a new shopping experience.