Business form management

The volume of data turnover of our every-day lives has increased dramatically by the spread of the digital world. The secure management of this data requires a unique knowledge and an appropriate infrastructure guaranteed by internationally audited information and data management solutions. This is especially true for the data turnover related to secure printing products, including strictly confidential information, as there are about documents, accounts and bank cards.

boritekokANY Security Printing Company PLC is a leader in the development of products and services related to data logistics and business form management. Proper handling of electronic data bases, digitalized processes and personal data allow complex solutions, which offer the banks, insurance companies and public utilities a full range of services from printing, to personalisation and enveloping, to mailing or e-solutions. This is coupled with a capacity to meet all requirements by individually personalized bank statements amounting to several millions a day, or bank cards which amount to several hundred thousand per day.

At the same time, the near future will bring e-solutions to our every-day life even in this field. Therefore, ANY Security Printing Company PLC has already developed the conditions needed for qualified electronic archiving and for the provision of authentic electronic document service. Our Company – together with its partners – is able to provide complex e-services.

We offer a wide range of products and solutions related to data logistics and business form management as follows: