RFID solutions

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification technology for the contactless writing and/or reading of data from the identifiers. The identifier placed on the product (as a label or industrial transponder) is activated using the electromagnetic field of the reader. The key application areas of the RFID technology are the following:

Companies from the food, pharmaceutical, logistics and trade industries:

  • traceability and protection of goods;
  • establishment of intelligent shelf systems;
  • recognition of the product’s storage and delivery conditions (sensors).


  • identification of components and raw materials during the various production processes;
  • recording of quality control data;
  • traceability and support of work processes.

Security technology:

  • protection and control of goods and brands;
  • events, access systems, security gates;
  • high security document management and document protection.

Retail and wholesale trade:

  • loyalty programs;
  • electronic purse applications.

Following an on-site assessment as per a preliminary agreement with the client, the RFID specialist of ANY Security Printing Company PLC makes a report on the results. He prepares then a feasibility study, giving information on the prices as well as an offer for the establishment of a pilot system and its operation in a couple of months.

In addition to its RFID solutions, ANY Security Printing Company PLC undertakes the personalization and printing of high volume of RFID labels even on the site of final use as well. The identifiers that are mostly used in logistics are intended for final use in the form of labels or plastic cards. Barcodes, brand protection features or graphics can be printed on them, or they can be used as guarantee certificates.

RFID developments
RFID developments