Tickets, Wristbands and Chipcards for Entry Access Systems

We offer quick help for almost any entry access solution. We manufacture traditional bar-coded, magnetic stripe or photographic access cards, as well as chipcards, contactless and hybrid cards. We also offer printing, production, and personalisation of these products as well. We produce high-security hybrid access cards mainly for corporate application. These cards can be used both for contactless access systems and within PKI-systems (i.e., systems based on open key infrastructure). Our technology allows the printing of paper-based, rolled entry tickets printed using inkjet and thermo printers, as well as the production of self-adhesive, water-resistant security wristbands printed in four colours, used in contactless access systems. The range of institutions where access is granted using high-quality and favourably priced entry tickets produced by State Printing Co. Ltd. is on the increase. In addition to sports facilities, today several major Budapest theatres, as well as one of the most popular movie theatre networks are using our tickets printed on thermal paper and personalised on the spot.