The Printing House received a high domestic award

The Printing House was awarded the Hungarian Product Grand Prize for its special stamp block produced in honour of the New Fundamental Law of Hungary.

State Printing House Plc received the Hungarian Product Grand Prize in the Parliament on September 1, 2011. The Corporation’s state-of-the-art and unique stamp block produced for the Hungarian Post merited this honourable title among the category of domestically developed and produced goods.

The New Fundamental Law signed by Pál Schmitt, President of Republic on April 25, 2011 was complimented by State Printing House with a philately specialty. On the stamp block furnished with serial numbers, there is the Hungarian Holy Crown embossed with 23-carat gold foil, which is qualified for symbolizing the thousand year old Hungary and unity of the nation. This unique printing product is ornamented by the statue of King Saint Stephen and the arches of dome hall of the Parliament; this border drawing was made by Miklós Köllő. The inscription ‘Let there be peace, freedom and consent’ was printed by UV-reactive ink on the stamp block.

Each stamp is equipped with an individual serial number, but in addition, the curiosity of the special block equipped with red numbers derives from the glittering ground glass crystals in the place of the precious stones ornamenting the Holly Crown. The stamp produced in honour of the new constitution is the first stamp of the world where ground crystals of different sizes and different colours were used in the course of stamp production, in the present case, for the representation and ornamentation of crown jewellery.

The recognition demonstrates that State Printing House successfully integrates the innovation, international quality and domestic creativity in the fields of both the classical security printing products and the security data logistical services requiring state-of-the-art IT and mobile developments.

State Printing House Plc