State Printing House produces the population census forms

State Printing House won the year 2011 public procurement tender called for the production of questionnaires similarly to the previous population census taken ten years ago. This event is significant both in national and EU aspects and includes as well the management of the related logistical objectives.

The State Printing House Group won the public procurement called by the Central Statistical Office for the production, packing and delivery of questionnaires to be printed in large copy number for the 2011 population census. Data collected about the Hungarian population by these questionnaires will form the basis for the preparation of different statistics in the next ten years and therefore, it is of high importance both in national and EU aspects.

Total value of the two contracts concluded with the Central Statistical Office until the date of November 8 2011 amounts to 215 million HUF net. In accordance with the first contract concluded in the value of 161 million HUF net, the Printing House will execute the production, packing and delivery of the necessary questionnaires. According to the second contract concluded in the value of 54 million HUF net, the Corporation will carry out the related production and logistical tasks regarding the support materials and other forms of the population census together with its subsidiary, Gyomai Kner Printing House.

’It is mainly for professional and prestige reasons, that it is very important for us to participate in such an event affecting the whole country, as well as that State Printing House – similarly to the population census taken ten years ago – shall produce the forms for this process which is of social importance. Due to our investments over the past years, our form printing capacity nowadays reaches 4 million pages per day, which – together with our experiences in this field – guarantees the delivery of the necessary questionnaires to all Hungarian citizens in due time.’– declared Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of State Printing House.

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