State Printing House Plc closed a strong quarter both in terms of sales and profits

State Printing House Plc. (Állami Nyomda NyRt.) closed a strong third quarter in terms of sales, profit and EBITDA, due to which the Company’s financial figures are improving at the same rate as it was communicated at the beginning of the year. The 31% increase in exports contributed to reach HUF 12.6 billion in sales for the first nine months.

Net sales of State Printing House for Q1-Q3 2010 amounted to HUF 12.6 billion which exceeds by 2.9 billion HUF (30%) the turnover for the same period of the previous year. The change is due to the considerable growth in the sales of strategic product segments: turnover of the security products and solutions increased by HUF 1.1 billion (+34%) and sales of the card production and personalization increased by HUF 0.5 billion (+26%), while the form production, personalization and data management segment increased by HUF 1.2 billion (+39%). Export sales of the Company exceeded HUF 2 billion in Q1-Q3 2010, which shows a 31% growth compared to the same period of the previous year.
State Printing House Plc. realized HUF 493 million net income for Q1-Q3 2010, which corresponds to the forecasts communicated by the Corporation in the spring.

“In our view we closed a very strong quarter which contributed to the improvement of accumulated financial figures for the first three quarters of the year. The over HUF 10 billion investments and developments of the last years in the fields of document security and IT guaranteed the Printing House to be an inevitable player of the printing industry in the region. In addition, we remain one of the most innovative companies in the security printing industry, due to our new products and services to be introduced in the near future.” – declared Gábor Zsámboki, CEO of State Printing House Plc.

State Printing House Plc.