Security stamping inks

ANY Security Printing Company PLC is one of the leading stamping ink producers in Hungary. Our product portfolio includes several coloured and colourless security stamping inks with fluorescent additives. We undertake to deliver these products with short lead times upon individual orders.

We undertake the development of water-based, colourless and colourful, customized security stamping inks that can be printed on paper, for traditional and self-inking stamping devices as well. For special request, we are ready to deliver Trodat type devices equipped with laser-engraved rubber plate. We do not sell stamp pad inks for private individuals and under certain annual quantity. For further information, please contact our salespeople.

Some examples from our range of products:

UV (356 nm) fluorescent stamping inks:

Colourless, fluoresces with blue
Colourless, fluoresces with yellow
Colourless, fluoresces with orange

Cyan, fluoresces with blue
Yellow, fluoresces with yellow
Magenta, fluoresces with red
Other direct colours with the different shades of fluorescence

UV (254 nm) fluorescent stamping inks:

SPC 000.545 Colourless, fluoresces with green
SPC 000.562 Colourless, fluoresces with yellow
SPC 000.613 Colourless, fluoresces with red

Bifluorescent (365/254) stamping inks with different fluorescence colours:

Colourless, fluoresces with blue and pink
Colourless, fluoresces with yellow and orange
Colourless, fluoresces with orange and green
Colourful types in limited combinations

(Verification of fluorescence is possible only on papers free of optical brightener or by using appropriate optical filters.)

stamp with luminescent ink…
… and its print under UV light