Security printing products and solutions of ANY Security Printing Company

Security printing products have been being produced by ANY Security Printing Company PLC (former State Printing Company) for more than 160 years. Besides the production of paper based security printing products and plastic cards, it is capable of developing protection concepts as well. In addition to the joint planning of a comprehensive protection system with the issuer and the competent authority as well as to the printing of documents, the Company undertakes the personalisation of card documents using laser engraving technology, which is one of the most secure methods of personalisation. The Company is ready to produce documents, certificates (birth, marriage etc.), temporary licences that are personalised in the document offices and to install fill-in systems capable of decentralized personalisation. The Company has excellent references and experiences in production of UV security inks and fibres needed for document production and in development of desktop and mobile control devices necessary for the verification of documents. The Printing Company is ready to plan and deliver personalisation and verification systems for the full issuance of documents.

The specialists of the Document Security Laboratory of ANY Security Printing Company PLC have developed numerous complex, effective protection solutions. Our Company –as a result of its decades of experience – is able to assist its customers in document and product protection projects from conception planning to construction. Nevertheless, it can serve partners who need only partial solutions for their particular projects. In this manner ANY Security Printing Company is a synergistic partner of paper-mills, security printing houses, state administration and private companies.

Modular products and complex services in the process of document issuing from ANY Security Printing Company

– card passed documents
– paper based documents

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