Research shows that one-quarter of Hungarian consumers are sceptical about food security

In accordance with international and domestic efforts, the solutions of State Printing House Plc presented at Kriminalexpo are aimed at reducing the number of abuses with food and drugs. A prompt and firm acting is needed which is reinforced by the research of GKI (Economic Research Company): two-third of Hungarian people has bought spoiled food harmful for health in recent years.

The research by GKI which was presented at Kriminalexpo between 5-7 May 2009 pointed out that food security is of key importance for domestic consumers. According to the representative research, 24% of Hungarian people think that the information on food is not reliable. This can be the result of several negative experiences connected to buying food as 66% of respondents have already met with spoilt food or food label with wrong information. The research highlighted that consumers consider food that needs refrigeration (meat, dairy products, deep-frozen products) as most endangered product groups. From the point of view of food security, 32% of domestic people considered hyper- and supermarkets as unreliable while the same ratio is only 14% with small shops.

In accordance with consumer attitude as well as domestic and EU efforts, protecting the origin and quality of products is a high priority task. State Printing House Plc has offered several security solutions for industry players: the product marking security label makes the relabeling of foods and the alteration of expiry date difficult. The latentogram which has special characteristics offers a cost-effective solution for unique product identification as the origin of the product label can be verified by a simple filter with the naked eye. Furthermore, State Printing House Plc offers radiofrequency (RFID) identifiers with temperature sensors that enable the tracking of refrigerated food and that measure and log transport and storage conditions.

Gábor Zsámboki chief executive officer commented:
‘Our research revealed that people’s pursuit of security defines several areas of life including savings, personal data or food protection. Accordingly, we make use of the document security experience and the decade-long development routine of State Printing House Plc in other industries, and in this way, we satisfy the security needs of consumers.’

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