Product identification

Protection and traceability of the productshave been given increased attention in the past years. The trade crossing over the frontiers created problems to be solved such as the necessity of product traceability ’from the fields to the table’ and prevention of increasing forgeries. The protection of products as well as consumers represent a common interest for the manufacturers, shipping companies and the distributors as well, due to the expanding logistic processes. The European Union and Hungary place increasing emphasis on guaranteeing the genineness of the individual products and their traceability during the whole production and delivery chain.

The product identification solutions of ANY Security Printing Company PLC can be used among others in the areas, such as the control of food chains, protection of food industry products, prevention of pharmaceutical forgeries, traceability of high-value electronic products, or products subject to excise duty. Besides secure product identification, the special labels, unique product marking technology and the RFID-based product traceability contribute to the increase of consumers’ consciousness.

Through our developments organized into systems, product identification can be applied by us in the field of vehicle protection as well. Besides the fact that the specific marking of some parts of the vehicle provides efficient protection against thefts and illegal trade in the parts, the system completed with the central registration makes the purchase and sale process of the car and the operation of services more transparent.

Our Corporation offers several products and services in the field of product identification and traceability:

  • tax stamps have significant roles in the restriction of the black economy;
  • labels that validate the vehicle registration number, or vehicle registration card are strictly necessary for the secure identification of vehicles;
  • geniuness and quality protective solutions considerably contribute to the prevention of relabeling and forgeries;
  • RFID solutions can be effectively used to guarantee the goods’ quality and traceability of their life-span;
  • customized development of security solutions – security additives, special pigments and inks – significantly contribute to the increased security level of labels and other product markers;
  • the system is completed by the use of unique controlling devices;
  • secondary vehicle identification by security ink and RFID chip;
  • invisible protection for printed data – UV-barcode printing and reading system.