New voucher orders for next three years from seven European countries

ANY Security Printing Company PLC won the tender for the production of security printing forms in the value of HUF 830 million. The Sodexo meal vouchers will be delivered by the Corporation from Germany to Bulgaria till 2016.

According to the tenders won at Sodexo Pass International seated in France, similarly to the past two years, ANY Security Printing Company PLC will produce meal vouchers till 2016. According to the new contract, forms equipped with many security elements will be delivered by ANY PLC to Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary in the value of net HUF 830 million.

ANY Security Printing PLC


About us

ANY Security Printing Company PLC – former State Printing Company- founded in 1851 is one of the biggest security printing companies in Hungary and leading in the CEE region. The Company offers complex solutions in the field of document security products, production and personalisation of plastic cards and bulk transaction printing. ANY PLC is one of the greatest document producing and personalising companies, whilst it produces MasterCard and VISA bank cards for many domestic and international banks as well. Besides the parent company, its Romanian and Bulgarian joint ventures produce personalised business forms, invoices, letters of advice for banks, insurances and public utilities. Through its developments focusing on document safety and NFC based mobile technology the Company offers products and solutions like e-ID or the NFC based mobile payment solutions suitable for international standards. The Company’s prime market shares have been present in the Budapest Stock Exchange since 2005.