Due to the globalization of commercial relations between countries and enterprises, the logistical processes had to face new challenges. The identification, protection and traceability of goods, the guaranteeing of up-to-date supplies and the transport vehicles’ identification became necessary in this industry.

Using its experience in the field of product identification, ANY Security Printing Company PLC offers comprehensive solutions for the players of the logistical industry. Services provided by the Corporation include the RFID-based identification, protection of the quality and origin of goods, traceability of stocks and supplies as well as the security of related forms.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC offers the following services and products to the logistical companies:

  • Identification of pallets and containers using RFID-based solution;
  • Design of intelligent shelf systems providing up-to-date status of the stocks;
  • Identification of trucks and trailers guaranteeing the traceability;
  • Protection of goods delivered;
  • Thermo labels, administrative forms in sheets and in continuous forms.