General meetings archive 2006

Állami Nyomda Plc. 2006. Annual General Meeting invitation, proposals and resolutions

AGM Minutes – 2005.05.02.

AGM resolutions – 31.03.2006.

The Board of Directors of Állami Nyomda Plc (1102 Budapest, Halom u. 5.) kindly advises the Shareholders about changing the location in the invitation to the Annual General Meeting on 28 February 2006, and about changing the Annual General Meeting agenda item no. 9 regarding to the adjustment of the Statutes by clarifying the foreign names of the Company.

Changed AGM invitation – 16.03.2006.

AGM proposals – 14.03.2006.
IFRS Consolidated financial statement
Financial statement

AGM invitation – 28.02.2006.