Other additional services

Contract storage

In its state-of-the-art warehouses developed on its premises, ANY Security Printing Company PLC offers proper conditions for the professional storage of  documents of various enterprises. In addition to storage, we offer the following services as well:

  • Comprehensive document warehousing services, where certain parts of the documents (invoices, contracts, etc. of the previous year) are digitalized upon storage and made available electronically as well;
  • Comprehensive document warehousing services, where the documents required are located, digitalized and electronically forwarded within a short time.

Special services

  • Certification of digitalized documents using high security chip cards (electronic signature, time stamp)
  • Processing of data sheets and questionnaires using OCR/ICR technology
  • Conversion, digitalization of microfiche-based data
  • Design, production and personalization of forms suitable for optical character recognition, printing, enveloping and mailing of personalized letters, registration of returned mails without opening the envelope.