Food industry

Players involved directly or indirectly in the food industry are facing entirely new requirements and expectations, due to the globalization of trade and the movement of goods crossing over continents. Changes in consumers’ demands and the active work of institutions focusing on consumers’ protection create a new situation in the field of trade in products of the food industry, as scandals related to the falsification of food over the last period highlighted the vulnerable points of genuineness and quality protection.

The product marking and identification solutions of ANY Security Printing Company PLC (special labels, unique product marking technologies) can be appropriately used to guarantee the quality and genuineness of food. Besides, the RFID-based tracing system is capable of controlling, tracing and logging of the whole food chain “from the fields to the table” – as foreseen by the approach of the European Union.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC, as one of the standard setting players in the field of quality protection, offers several solutions for the secure identification, protection and tracing of the products:

  • the origin and quality protection solutions significantly contribute to the prevention of relabeling and falsifications,
  • RFID solutions can be effectively used to guarantee the goods’ quality and tracing of their life span,
  • the customized development of security solutions – security additives, special pigments and inks – significantly add to the increased security level of labels and other product markers,
  • the system is completed by the use of unique controlling devices.