EMV bank card

Secure payment transactions are important for everyone. Nowadays, use of smart tools – chips – guarantees the highest security level available. Security and data protection requirements make necessary to introduce complex technologies. In case of payment applications – debit, credit – the standardization (EMV Co.) supports the issuers and receivers in providing their clients with secure devices operating well, which are independent from the suppliers’ platform. EMV supports this process which makes comprehensive demands both from the system and component sides, in the aspects of functionality and security.

The financial institutes have benefits from the introduction of EMV by using a technically standardized system. Further benefits can be gained by the use of new business possibilities occurring from multi-applications and by the decrease of expenses due to offline transactions. Due to the ‘Liability Shift’ which has been introduced in most countries since 2005, any bankcard issuer who does not apply the EMV chip technology has financial responsibility for those frauds which could be prevented by its use.

EMV cards can be securely used in many areas:

  • Internet banking,
  • Purchases on the internet,
  • Purchases in shops (on-line, off-line),
  • Participation in loyalty programs,
  • Downloading of online coupons onto bank cards,
  • Storing of online passwords on the cards,
  • Use of public transport,
  • Purchases in small amounts – micropayment (parking, tobacconist).

Our Corporation has been dealing with card production and personalization for national and foreign financial institutes for more than 10 years. Nowadays, the volume of our card production has reached 50 million per year.

ANY Security Printing Company PLC offers the following services to the financial institutes:

  • Production and design of innovative card bodies and creative graphics.
  • Production and full-range personalization of EMV chip bank cards.
  • Complex mailing service using card enveloping machine.

Services supporting the EMV migration:

  • Advising,
  • Education/organizing of education,
  • Implementation of pilot project,
  • Test cards, providing of applications,
  • Sample production,
  • Development of Software,
  • System, process supporting.

Our Corporation’s bank card outsourcing service is based on a comprehensive, audited production and security protection. Our bank card production and personalization meet the technical and security requirements compulsorily stipulated by the international organizations. ANY Security Printing Company PLC has MasterCard and VISA licenses for card production and our Corporation is ready to deliver MasterCard and VISA EMV chip bank cards as well. We undertake to plan and execute loyalty programs applying chip technology and to produce personalized letters, PIN envelopes for mailing of bank cards as well.

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