Desktop devices

HORUS 4305 device for document control

It is an indispensable device for professional experts!

Up-to-date device for professional experts
It is suitable for the quick, reliable and complete professional control of all traditional, EU-conforming and EU documents.

World standard device
Complete professional writing and document controls and reports can be made on the device equipped with expert and user friendly software which can be connected to the computer.

Complete document control
Both the reflection and emission features of the document element can be controlled by the device in the full optical range with the use of different lighting methods.

HORUS 4305 device for document control

Establishment of document stores
The device allows the establishment of up-to-date document stores which support not only the experts’ work, but make the user on any level capable of authentic, prompt and solid decision making.

Unlimited usability
This device is indispensable where document security is important: document offices, banks and financial institutions, broker offices, post offices, legal offices, land registry offices, expert institutions, originality control stations, border guards, criminal and technical units of the police, finance and customs guard, criminological educational institutions etc.

Taking of photographic quality images
The camera is capable of taking images of photographic quality and of 190-times enlargement (19-times optical and 10-times digital zoom).

Emphasizing of image information
Useful (criminological) informative content of the images can be emphasized or the background noises can be considerably reduced by the increase of the camera sensitivity.

Automatic and manual sharpening
Sharpening of images which are made in control modes and rich in information takes place not only automatically but manually as well, depending on needs (post-sharpening).

Prompt comparative control
The possibility of ’live images’ to be directly compared with sample images in databases gives evidence of the objectivity and reliability of document controls.

Video mice multiply the device capacity
The extent and depth of document controls can be significantly increased by video mice connected to the device.

More than a control device
With the use of video mice connected to the device it is possible not only to show the smallest changes or differences made in the documents, but the device is capable of executing basic optical and analytical tasks due to its versatility.



Control operation modes=lighting methods

  • Ultraviolet (UV): 254 nm, 313 nm, 365 nm
  • Visible (VIS):
    • blue (400 nm)
    • “white”:
      • upper (direct)
      • scouring (inside, outside)
      • underlighting (transillumination)
      • retro-reflective (coaxial)
    • green (530 nm)
  • Infrared (IR):
    • 870 nm (upper/direct/, scouring, underlighting)
    • 950 nm upper (direct)