Contactless Card Production

Contactless card production and personalisation activity of ANY Security Printing Company PLC meet the technical and security requirements compulsorily stipulated by the international organizations. 

ANY Security Printing Company PLC produces contact, contactless cards and dual-interface cards for Hungarian, Bulgarian and other foreign banks. Our Company produced nearly five hundred million contact and contactless cards over the latest twelve years. 

We have MasterCard and VISA licenses for card production and personalisation and MasterCard Mobile provisioning as well. 


Loyalty cards – creative solutions 

ANY Security Printing Company PLC through its R&D program, is preparing bank cards with an unconventional appearance and touch for production, using special printing technologies. 

Due to continuous developments, ANY PLC is ready to produce unique contact and contactless cards with an unconventional appearance and touch, using special printing technologies. Besides production of cards with special or unglazed surface, equipped with unique gold, silver and/or other special inks, hologram strips we are able to punch and/or groove ISO 7810 standard cards in mini sizes. After folding twice, cards can be easily broken away along the grooving. In case of orders in significant amounts the cards can be cut in unique sizes. The die-cut cards can be applied as gift cards that are hanged at the points of sales without any inserts, or loyalty cards on key chains that can be used by family members for point collection, discounts. Different variations of die-cutting offer numerous possibilities. 

Trusted Service Management (TSM) 

ANY Security Printing Company provides services as a certified Trusted Service Manager. The Company has been participating in the Hungarian Mobile Wallet test project. This unique multilateral project is coordinated by the Hungarian Mobile Wallet Association and it involves Hungarian Telekom, Vodafone Hungary, Telenor Hungary as mobile network operators, OTP Bank, which is the largest domestic bank, SuperShop loyalty program and MasterCard. As ANY PLC is the Trusted Service Manager (TSM) in this project, it warrants safe communication between mobile network operators and other service providers, whilst candidates who participate in the pilot pay with their mobile handsets in contactless card function. 



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