Collecting medical attendance fee in a simple and easy way

When the decree on medical attendance fee was released, the Company has started developing it simple solution which fits into the process of prescription printing, uses the prescription printer and its belonging devices and offers a simple solution for GPs and clinics.

The latest versions of those softwares which were developed by the most well-known companies in medical practice (DeriCom, Infomix) can handle the medical attendance fee receipt, as their developers have integrated the solution into their systems. In this way, the receipts are issued automatically from the IT systems and the issuance fits into the regular workflow without any extra work.

During the workflow, the GPs, specialists or their assistants should put the form into the printer which is the same size as the prescription and the system prints the two or three part receipt by simply pushing a button. Without typing it again, all data are printed on the form without any mistake; this information must be typed again in every other case.

The solution is used by several GPs and specialists and the Margit hospital in Pásztó and some other hospitals would also like to introduce it.

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GPs’ medical attendance fee receipt
Hospitals’ medical attendance fee receipt