Change in the ownership of senior officer

State Printing House Plc hereby meets the extraordinary disclosure requirements on its own behalf and on behalf of György Gyergyák, vice-chairman of the Board of Directors pursuant to section 201./B-C and section 54 § (3) of act CXX of 2001 on capital markets and section II/6 of annex 4 of decree 24/2008. (VIII.15.) of the Ministry of Finance:

György Gyergyák sold 141.800 pieces of dematerialized registered common shares, series “A” issued by State Printing House Plc. with a nominal value of HUF 98 each at the Budapest Stock Exchange on 16 October 2008 at an average price of HUF 650 with the help of Concorde Értékpapír Zrt. as investment service provider.

After the transaction, György Gyergyák owns 432.400 pieces (3.0%) of common shares issued by State Printing House Plc, and as a result of the above transaction the direct control of György Gyergyák has decreased to 3%.

State Printing House Plc.