PKI cards

The card base consists of the high security chip built on StarCert platform, operation system and the signing application. The characteristic feature of chip cards meeting the highest security requirements is that they can meet the interface standard of the newest European devices generating security signature. This fact theoretically excludes the possibility of card attacks on the system level, namely, the possibility of establishing contacts with all cards in case of successful attack against one of them. The same security allows an asymmetrical authentication directly between the card and a remote server. Therefore, the increasingly widespread attack form can be excluded, where the contact is established with an illegal (copied) Web and confidential data of the unsuspecting client get into defrauders’ hands. This feature allows the use of secure electronic trading and banking services and the complete and authenticated application of remote work, team work, data distribution and digital signatures. This will open the real possibility of meeting the requirements of electronic society and state administration.

The chip card can be issued not only centrally, but in a certified secure environment; the card supports the decentralized issue as well. Therefore, key generation in the client’s presence and card logon of certificates are allowed. The unit package which is necessary for the use of cards – software to be installed from CD, card reader and chip card for the secure PIN-code access – can be purchased from ANY Security Printing Company PLC.

SPRx32 card reader