Állami Nyomda has contracted for further production and the enlargement of the personalisation system of Albanian driving licenses

Állami Nyomda, as subcontractor of Bull Magyarország, has entered into another 100 million HUF contract for further production of Albanian biometric driving licenses and for the capacity enlargement of their card personalisation system operated by the Albanian authorities.

Állami Nyomda has produced the Albanian driving license applying modern document security solutions formerly as well. The Albanian driving licence card is in accordance with EU directives and it includes 14 different special security elements and a two dimensional bar code which carries the data of the owner’s fingerprints. The new contract is not the extension of the previous but a new tender was won by the Company.

Bull Magyarország has chosen Állami Nyomda, which produces document cards complying with EU directives, because it has relevant experience not only in the production and personalisation of security cards but in delivering the forms and softwares necessary for data collection. In recent years, Állami Nyomda has produced more then 100 million cards and it represents an increasingly important market player in Central Europe. According to the present contract, Állami Nyomda’s duty will be the following: production of document cards and administrative forms for claiming the driving license, enlargement of the capacity and installation of the laser-engraving personalization system, integration of the required softwares.

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